La Ferme d’André is much more than a holiday camp for 5 to 15 year olds. It is also:

  • An enchanting site for receptions, family celebrations, team meetings and gatherings with friends and others;
  • Nature classes, trail walks, amazing moments with animals and open doors for all;
  • Outdoor weekends in the countryside, where nature meets magic!

La Ferme d’André – its mission and history

Creating memories since 1969, La Ferme d’André is dedicated to the development and well-being of young people in an enchanting location with various types of farm animals! It is a fantastic environment for adventures, discoveries and experiences in nature. It offers themed creative workshops, walks with the animal and educational activities. It is a unique place where many friendships have been forged, creating precious memories and friendships that last a lifetime. It is also about enjoying lots of laughs, bonfires, horseback riding, swimming and nights under the stars!

André Giguère, the founder of this farm camp, dedicated his life to the teaching community. Embracing his teaching career in 1963 in the Montreal area, he continued his commitment to the young people of the small municipality of Ormstown by sharing his knowledge with them for many years. In 2000, after a very successful career, André retired from the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Quebec in Montreal.

One day, in 1969, André wanted to please his students and welcomed them at his farm for a picnic. It was a big hit and the children wanted to come back and stay there, as long as possible, to relive this new adventure and those exciting moments. Driven by this outpouring of enthusiasm and joy, this great teacher founded La Ferme d’André, which, since then, has allowed thousands of young people to have fun and be themselves in a warm, welcoming and safe environment.

That’s La Ferme d’André; a place where freedom and autonomy come together in a safe and supervised environment. To learn more about the philosophy of La Ferme d’André, listen to this interview with André Giguère…

After several years of dedication, André felt that the time had come to step down from some of his administrative responsibilities. It was then, in 2013, that he entrusted supervision of the activities to a non-profit organization “Organisme La Ferme d’André 1969”. For seven years, they continued to welcome many young people and gave them the opportunity to live unforgettable moments while developing their skills and imagination in a stimulating environment that emphasized freedom, autonomy and initiative.

2020, the pandemic is hitting the entire planet hard!

No one has been safe from the COVID-19 virus, which spread at lightning speed and took away many of our loved ones. The non-profit organization is no exception to this global health crisis, preventing children from visiting and enjoying the camp. This resulted in the non-profit organization opting to voluntarily leave at the end of May, 2020.

Following many discussions and months of uncertainty, Mr. Giguère finalized the sale of this exceptional site and entrusted the future of La Ferme d’André into the hands of the new owners, who, like him, fell under the spell of the farm, its heritage house and the beautiful surroundings.
La Ferme d’André is now moving into a new era, with a fresh image and the new administration is determined and committed to preserving the work of its creative founder.

Already very involved in the agricultural sector and always ready to take on new challenges, Mylène Faucher and Richard Billette, who now reside on the property, look forward to soon being able to welcome children, schools, parents and friends to La Ferme d’André, in order to preserve the spirit of La Ferme d’André for many years to come!

Who are these new owners? They are Richard Billette, whose family roots are well established in the region as a farmer. Mylène Faucher, his partner, a seasoned human resources professional eager to get involved and devote her energy and passion to the activities of La Ferme d’André. As well, Samuel and David, their two sons, graduates of Macdonald College in farm management, have the same passion, commitment and ingenuity as their parents!

This bold, playful and charming family has been rolling up their sleeves since June 2020 to refresh the facilities, infuse their personality and embark on a new beginning!

La Ferme d’André, creating memories since 1969, where nature meets magic!