If your child seems reluctant to leave for several days, avoid promising to pick him up if he does not like the camp. He might be tempted to test your promise and may wish to leave at the slightest difficulty, without even trying to overcome it. It is best to encourage him to finish his stay, and then decide if he will return the following year. Your child will fit in better if he doesn’t decide to leave before he even arrives at camp. However, if it is in his best interest to return home, La Ferme d’André 2.0 will make the necessary arrangements with you. 

When you arrive at camp, say goodbye to your child and then let him join the group. This is the first step towards a good integration into the camp. Have confidence, the entire team of La Ferme d’André 2.0 will spare no effort to ensure that your child has an extraordinary experience and that you can enjoy a well-deserved leave. 

Leave with a smile on your face.